Saturday, October 13, 2012

Real Time with Bill Maher: Ratfucking Edition - October 5, 2010


Bill reveals how shallow he is - defining style but ignoring content. Did he not listen to what the President said and what Romney didn't say? Or was he just overwhelmed by Romney's bully tactics?

Too much Romney love and too much impression with Romney. Bill knows jackshit, and can't let something go without a racist tinge.

Frank Luntz knows his shit. Shame the Democrats don't have anyone so savvy with words, and did Bill "I'm-not-a-Democrat" Maher just identify himself as one?

Panel: Two conservatives and a bimbo.

I take that last bit back. Washington nails it. She listened to the President and knew he had content, where Romney talked loud and animatedly and said nothing. Bill's the pussy here, following the Republican talking points. Herd follower.

Washington isn't taking any of Maher's bullshit, and Will Cain is a fucking teabagger.

Good editorial, because the economy is not tanking.

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  1. It's amusing that no one takes Frank Luntz to task for his part in the obstructionism. He was at the party during inauguration night when they were figuring a way to defeat the president.
    I'm tired of half wits like Will Cain taking up tv time. Have some original thought.
    Anyone that read Ayn Rand can say what Cain said.