Saturday, October 20, 2012

Real Time with Bill Maher - October 12 2012 & October 19 2012

The one with the convicted felon and Ann the Man Coulter.

Eddie Munster reference - so I'm not the only one who thinks that widdle Lyin' Wyin' looks like the monster child.

Ann Coulter ... man in drag. Why does Maher bother?

Brian Schweitzer and Ben Affleck handing felon Issa his ass.

Issa isn't happy. Petulant. His anger is because he is en passant blanc and he's afraid.

My source only provided the first half hour of this episode. Here's the latest:-

John Fund and Boris Blowhard are douchebags. Neither of them even honoured Goldie Taylor by looking at her as she addressed them. Sexist and RACIST.

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  1. Issa and the republicans are the real threat to our foreign policy and our national security. For the sake of inflicting some kind of damage on PBO and to win elections, they seem more than willing to sabotage both. Only a group of highly partisan buffoons could reveal to the world that the CIA had a base of operations in Benghazi and reveal the identities of the Libyans who have been helping us at the same time, and raise debate of the difference between "terror" and "acts of terror," a purely semantic difference, to a national level. If it were the democrats who had done the first two, all of the networks would be spending an enormous amount of time on it, but since it's the republicans, it doesn't merit spending any time on at all. The MSM is also ignoring Tagg Romney's stated desire to slug the president and that the Romneys own some of the voting machines in swing states. There is no "liberal media" in America. This is a lie because the MSM seems to put quite a bit of effort into avoiding investigating some very important things that the republicans have done that I think the American people deserve to know.