Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No Sound from Sister Sarah

Ann Coulter tweets the following about Mitt Romney's performance in the last debate:-

It's obvious that "the retard" is a less-than-oblique reference to President Obama, as well as being a direct insult and a highly offensive word used to describe mentally challenged people.

Remember back during the healthcare debates in late 2009, when the Left's own Ann Coulter, Jane Hamsher, deliberately misquoted Rahm Emmanuel's assessment of Hamsher's suggestion that Progressives primary any Democratic Congressional candidate who opposed the infamous public option?

Emmanuel, rather brusquely, dismissed that action as being "retarded." OK, it wasn't a nice word to use, but he was describing and action. Instead, by the time Rahm's words tripped over Hamsher's toxic lips, the then-White House Chief-of-Staff had called all Progressives "retards."

This, of course, prompted tart tweets and Facebook lectures from none other than Sarah Palin, herself the mother of a child with Downs' Syndrome. As such, even though it was a misquote, one can understand her reaction, and justifiably so.

Yet, here's a blonde, white woman(?) from Connecticut, who's just written a snarling book on racism, discovering a new euphemism to use against the President. In the waning days of his re-election campaign, for Coulter and her ilk, the President has now become "the retard." This does not change the fact that the word, itself, is highly charged and as abysmally pejorative and mean for mentally challenged folk as the n-word is for African Americans.

But reaction from Mrs Palin?

Only this:-

I wonder why.

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