Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PM Carpenter and Commentators Nicely Tell Joan Walsh & Co to STFU

In the aftermath of the first debate with the embarrassing meltdown of the so-called Professional Left, it's nice that PM Carpenter calls out the stupidity of the pessimism promulgated by some of the biggest mouths on the Left. You can read his assessment here.

I'm glad he referred to these mouths as the Left's fire brigade, because firebaggers they are and will ever remain. For many, we know their antecedents lie in Republican neoconservatism (Ed Schultz, Cenk Uygur, Arianna Huffington) or disgruntled Clintonism (Walsh).

Walsh and Schultz are particularly bad - the former for prissily proclaiming that Democrats should only actively campaign for local candidates instead of working to get the President re-elected and the latter for actually telling Democrats not to vote in the 2010 Mid-Terms.

Furthermore, Walsh's own inherent racism and white privilege have been glaringly exposed in her Twitter wars with African American bloggers and various other sorts of pernicious behaviour, which earned her the ultimate smack-down from Melissa Harris-Perry for arrogantly citing Harris-Perry as her token black friend.

However, the regular readers of Carpenter's blog are to be congratulated for calling out Walsh's and Schultz's bad behaviour and underestimating of the President, which - in and of itself - is tantamount to disresepect.

Take Japa21, for example:-

Instead of moaning about how Obama needs to fire up the base - and have they seen the rallies lately, the base looks pretty fired up - perhaps they should be firing up the base themselves.
Talk not only about would happen in case of a Romney win, but also what the "base" stands to lose that Obama has already accomplished and what he can accomplish that will never happen if Obama doesn't win.
I am sick and tired of all those who sit on the sidelines as if it is all on Obama's shoulders. Literally, not figuratively, they make me sick.

Or eveingeorgia:-

 Ed is particularly sickening. He is an instigator, not a supporter, and I do not trust him. (I will never forget how he actually told people not to vote back in 2010.) And now he's all riled up about voter suppression? Puh-leez.

Or Turgidson:-

 People like Eugene Robinson, who I do like quite a bit, and Joan Walsh (less so), who want Obama to succeed and have a platform to reach people, should be helping make the case at this critical juncture rather than going all emo about Obama having a bad night.

My conservative relatives whine and argue with me about he dominance of the so-called Liberal media. As long as discouraging corporate numpties like Ed Schultz and Joan Walsh have a platform, the Right will never be out of power; but - being part of the one per-cent - Schultz and Walsh will certainly thrive. 


  1. The old comment of "with friends like these, who needs enemies?" keeps running through mind every time they open their mouth.

  2. Emilia, you are my favourite ex-pat in Ol' Blighty. Cheers for the proper use of numpty


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