Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Insult to Our Gender

The odious Michelle Malkin tweets:-

. Do you even know what US Preventive Services Task Force & IPAB are? Stop thinking w/ your  ==>

This is what embarrasses me, as an American living abroad, about our political media. Let me be brutally honest. This woman is a snide, nasty, mean girl - the calibre of bullying bitch you would see in some exclusive sorority, holding court in some high school someplace. That's about her speed, intellectually.

Yet in the United States, she's esteemed as a political analyst and commentator and graces discussion panels on shows like ABC's This Week.

Were she British, this woman wouldn't even get a leg in the door of a BBC political discussion programme, and that goes double for her cohort Ann Coulter. Politely speaking, they would be considered screeching, insulting, ill-informed jokes. The way their prototype, Arianna Huffington, was, before she was so unceremoniously drummed out of the UK.

The worst thing about her tweet is how clever she thinks she is, sweetly insulting Eva Longoria in a brazenly sexist way, the only way a true bitch would do - the only way any woman would, if she thinks herself so far superior in any and every way to the sister plebs beneath her.

There's no misunderstanding of this message, euphemistic as it is. Any woman who refers to another woman as a c***, even by euphemistic implication, is a bigger one, herself, and an insult to our gender.


  1. What's wrong with the IPAB? Malkin can't think outside of her dumbass talking points. She's a joke to everyone that isn't a white wing looney tune. Whoever books her and Coulter should be beaten in front of their children.


  2. For all of her anti-government rhetoric and her constant promotion of GOP talking points, Malkin loves the federal government. When wildfires were occurring in Colorado earlier this year near her home, she wanted to know where the federal assistance was. She didn't even seem to know that it was her beloved republicans who voted in Congress to cut the budget for disaster/rescue services, or that it was the right-wingers in Colorado Springs who had the bad idea to cut the number of fire and law enforcement employees. She's a real dumbass when it comes to knowing and understanding the details of any policy, so it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't know what the IPAB is, how its members get their positions, or that its stated goal is to control Medicare costs. She probably believes that IPAB is a death panel. I repeat, she's a real dumbass.