Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lazy Liberals

If Barack Obama wins a second term, it won't be because of the so-called liberal media, especially not those inhabiting the realms of MSNBC, and certainly not the high-profile, show business contributor fundit Bill Maher (who consistently continues to undermine the President).

If, however, the President loses, many of us who have given him unflinching support, will know that a fair bit of the blame for his loss will lie at the feet of the Professional Left.

A week after the first debate, where the President spoke softly and said a lot and Mitt Romney spoke loudly and said nothing and Jim Lehrer totally lost control of the debate, minions of the Professional Left are still obsessing about the President's performance to the point of throwing him under the political bus, running up the white flag and declaring defeat.

Bill Maher's Twitter feed was totally disgusting in its disrespect for this President, including his latest contribution:-

As someone replying to that Tweet said, calling the President of the United States a "gaffing doofus" is totally uncool; still there are sheeple who live,. breathe and believe the gumpf which spews from the mouths of people like Maher, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. Who doesn't remember the Alex Witt interview with Chris Matthews ten months ago, which ended with Matthews proclaiming grandly that both the President and the First Lady were singularly ungrateful for the "privilege" of living in the White House.

Racist much?

People who cleave closely to the words of these commentators need to reactivate their critical thinking gene. Many of these people doing the criticizing are ex-neocons, themselves (Ed Schultz, Markos Moulitsas, Cenk Uygur) or neocons who have been ratfucking the gullible Left since time out of mind (Arianna Huffington), wives of high-profiled Ayn Randists (Andrea Mitchell) or "Liberals" who are on record for having voted for Republicans in the past (Chris Matthews, Bill Maher). I'm not even sure Maher can be called a Liberal or a Progressive, for that matter, being a staunch adherent for the death penalty; and both Maher and the ineffectual sorority sister masquerading as a political pundit, Alex Wagner, don't even have the common decency to refer to the President by his elected title.

However, Charles Blow's New York Times column today calls bullshit on all the panicking naysayers of the Left, deeming their behaviour as being akin to "Premature Desperation."

I can understand a certain amount of unease in the Obama-supporting public in general, but within the left-leaning press it’s inexcusable. Only the laziest political commentators could look at the current state of play and see doom for Obama. In fact, the panic among professional liberal pundits is a bit like screaming fire in a theater showing a Michael Moore documentary. Cut it out and grow up!
While the profession is still obsessing about the last debate and Obama’s stumbles, Mitt Romney is strutting around with his bad math pitching himself as a born-again moderate. He is selling vast tax cuts on the vaguest of specifics. It’s like one of those childhood lullabies that sounds good until you realize what it’s actually saying: that the bough breaks and the baby falls.
Also as part of the new “moderate Mitt” offensive, Romney told the Des Moines Register on Tuesday that
There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.
What kind of wishy-washy, sidewinder statement is that? Do you even know what a simple, declarative statement is Mr. Romney? Did no one teach you that at your fancy boarding school?
Not only is the statement squishy, but, based on Romney’s previously stated positions, it’s a lie. As Planned Parenthood Action Fund pointed out:
Let’s be clear: Mitt Romney wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, end federal funding for Planned Parenthood’s preventive services, end insurance coverage for birth control, and repeal health protections for women.
Romney changes positions the way a pop diva changes outfits. There is no way to know what he actually believes. That is not the mark of an honest man. That should be the focus of all of our attention and consternation. Obama’s debate performance was disappointing, but Romney’s allergy to the truth could prove disastrous.
The best cure for a bad debate performance is another debate, and the vice-presidential debate is Thursday night. So let’s get ahold of ourselves. Hysteria is uncalled for and unseemly.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan come from the elite school of thought which believes the poor, the unemployed and low income earners are inherently lazy and think themselves entitled to be mollycoddled by nanny-state government,

Really, the lazy people are those who allow themselves to be caught in a welter of deliberate misinformation and panic-ridden messages propagated by the political media on both the Right and the Left who deliberately infuse minds unable to grasp the mettle of critical thinking with opinion cleverly disguised as fact.

Like Mitt Romney, they lie; and as self-proclaimed voices of the Left, they do the President no favours whatsoever and haven't done since January 21, 2009. They parse every word and nuance every breath issued from his body. They, and they alone, are responsible for the 2010 Mid-Term defeats, by sowing discord, discontent and dissatisfaction amongst the low-information levels of the Left. On occasion, some (Schultz, Maher and Michael Moore) have even encouraged people not to vote. On the eve of the Mid-Terms, Huffington, Queen Mother of ratfuckers, trolled the nation purring confidently that the President wasn't that "into" the Middle Class, and please, don't start me on Joan Walsh's white privilege.

As Blow concludes:-

This means that voters and pundits must take the long view and not a short one. Winning an individual battle is good, but winning the war is the goal. Resist the urge to panic when you’re down and to celebrate when you are up.

I would add to that yet another piece of advice: Grow the fuck up and learn to think critically. 

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