Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who's Spineless Now? The Democrats, Not the President

We've spent the past three years listening to such urbane and erstwhile Progressive voices like Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher and Michael Moore talk about how spineless the President was, how he caved on important issues.

Well, now on the eve of what promises to be the most important Election of America's lifetime, it seems, at least, some pundits are finally able to admit that, it wasn't the President who lacked a spine at all .... All along, it was actually the Democratic party and certain Democratic politicians - yes, I'm looking at you, Joe Machin and you, Clare McCaskill.

Go back as far as the 2010 Mid-Terms, with the Affordable Care Act just passed, and how many Democrats actually went out and campaigned with that law as a feather in their caps? How many actually bothered to counter the Tea Party's howls of death panels and socialised medicine? None. And look what we got? The most useless and worthless Congress in the history of the United States.

Melissa Harris-Perry and crew spelled it out succinctly on Sunday:-

So all those Progressive pundits have their feet firmly planted in their mouths. Better to foist the shortcomings of a party, traditionally famous (at least during the past forty years) of being unable to get a simple message across), on the President than admit that the party, itself, was tepid in support. Because the President is, oh, you know ...


  1. the part that burns me is all the shitforbrains pundits who incessantly lash out with their backhanded compliments of the form "HOLY CRAP DEMOCRATS ARE FIGHTING".

    Democrats aren't fighting. OBAMA is fighting. Democrats aren't strong. OBAMA is strong.

  2. I didn't know you were back, Emilia. Boy, am I glad!!! I hope you had a good rest. PBO is doing all of the heavy lifting while most of the dems in Congress cower in the shadows. The only dem members of Congress I've heard hit Romney for lying about leaving Bain in 1999 has been Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Reid. Sen. Reid was so cute when he said that Romney couldn't be approved for an appointed position in government because he doesn't want to release his tax records and financial forms. Sen. Reid put the icing on the cake when he followed this up with "He couldn't get a job as a dog catcher." The president did have a meeting with dem leaders at the WH last week, and according to news reports, all of the dems have agreed to stand with PBO. I'll have to see it to believe it, though. PBO is wearing himself out by campaigning constantly. He is getting some help on the Sunday morning news programs from Stefanie Cutter, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Gov. O'Malley, and a few others. They are really challenging the do-nothing hosts when they try to sell GOP talking points, and imo, this is a very good thing.