Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mitt Romney's Versailles-on-the-Hamptons

Yesterday, Martin Bashir took time to relate a curious story that unfolded during the weekend as Willard went a-wandering through the wasteland of the filthy rich for political contributions. Whilst the President is pushing for an end to the Bush era tax cuts for those people earning over $250k, whilst extending them for the lower-income earners, Romney parties with the rich meanies who appear to be reincarnations of Marie Antoinette's lunch-bunch in the days leading up to the French Revolution.

The clip below relates a story of an "anonymous" Romney donor, a woman in a Land Rover, too cowardly to give her name, pompously and dismissively remarking how, those whom she would deem the "little people" simply don't get "it." They have the right to vote - these babysitters and nail ladies - and yet they still don't get "it."

Well, what is "it?" "It," I would surmise is that the people who attended Willard's Wonderland bash, hosted by David Koch, consider themselves to be the betters of the people who have to scrap at minimum wage to make ends meet, and the sooner the little people realise this, the better. Just vote Republican and let their betters get on screwing them to the wall acting in their own interests on their behalf. After all, they know better than the little people.


Just look at the contrast - a President fighting for the middle class and wanting the upper one percent to revert to the tax levels of the Clinton era (not a great sacrifice) and a Presidential candidate, who refuses to release his tax reports, a Presidential candidate who may very well have the bulk of his wealth invested in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and in the preserve of the wealthy, in the ubiquitous Swiss bank accounts. One man striving to help boost the economy by calling upon those able to do so to pay their fair share of income tax, and another ferreting that wealth away offshore, whilst encouraging those of his ilk to do so.

It's a shame so many white working and middle-class people buy into Willard's empty rhetoric only because he possesses the right sort of melanin. If I thought everyone able to do so who sulked out the MidTerms would vote this time around, I'd have no qualms in dismissing Willard and his minions by saying, "Let them eat Koch."

Unfortunately, the media are ensuring that this race is a dead heat. Still, at least Joan Walsh is onside.

And then some, with the secret offshore accounts:-

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  1. Thank you for pointing out that there is a sharp contrast between the two candidates. Honestly, I'm getting frustrated reading on some sites how the President and Governor Romney are the same, or are the "candidates of Goldman Sachs" as I saw on one comment over at Raw Story.

    There is a mountain's worth of difference between the two men, and the GOP know this, but the fact that the MSM and some on the Left cling to "both are the same" really stretches the limits of believability.

    Thanks again for having a great blog. This is an oasis of sanity.