Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Real Queen of Mean

Remember when the Republicans did this?

Remember the mock-up of the First Lady as Marie Antoinette, because the Republicans thought she was way above their version of her "station" in planning a holiday abroad (paid for by herself and not by the American people)?

So now, they're going to whine, cry and throw their toys out of their prams because the wife of their Presidential contender speaks, naturally, as if she's more than just a cut above the people whom her husband hopes to govern.

Please watch, and take note from the two-minute mark onwards:-

First point, I have Mormon cousins, who are Democrats. Mormons require their members to give 10% of their annual earnings to the Church. It's not voluntary; if you don't do it, the treasurer of your respective church knows your financial history, and they'll just play bailiffs and take what you owe, if you try to cheat. Still, I wouldn't put Willard above rendering more to Caesar than he would to God.

Secondly, the phrase "you people" sounds particularly condescending, no matter how much Miss Ann might flash a dimple and try to sound sincere when saying it. Truth is, she's being interviewed by the sort of woman whom she's accustomed to seeing pandering to her needs on a daily basis in one of her many grandiose kitchens.

That phrase, right there, was worthy of a Marie Antoinette moment.

Thirdly, this is politics, and her husband has whinged, wined and moaned about everything the Obama campaign has levelled his way. Remember Mitt's book is entitled No Apology, yet he demands many? He's the rich kid accustomed to getting his way, and neither he nor she is comfortable with someone like the President - nudge nudge wink wink - in the White House. So when she whines prettily about the President's refusal to apologise for his campaign tactics against her husband, the moan about his behaviour being "beneath the dignity of the Office" is code language for an uppity black man not knowing how to behave in proper society.

Damn. I feel just like Madame DeFarge in the French Revolution. Pass the knitting needles.

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