Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Song and a Suggestions for Democrats to Use Against Mitt Romney

Remember how the Republicans used footage of John Kerry's windsurfing holiday against him in attack ads? Well, now we have Willard and the fragrant Miss Ann jetskiing at their own multi-million dollar lakeside complex in New Hampshire, discussed below on Al Sharpton's recent show:

Can you imagine how much grief the Republicans would be giving a Democratic candidate (and have given the President and his family) for taking such a holiday?

Bob Schrum and Karen Finney are right. Mitt Romney is totally and utterly out of touch with the average voter. In his wildest dreams, he would never be able even to imagine the sort of lifestyles normal, struggling people lead.

Were I a part of the DNC or the Obama  campaign, I wouldn't stint to use the jetski footage accompanied by a little ditty sung by a couple of lads from the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Take it away, Darryl and John ...

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