Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Republicans Are Just Mean People

Guess what? The Republicans in the House are voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act - or as they call it, "Obamacare." Again. Just for something to do, you know. Just so they can be seen to be doing something. Just as a warning to all those people whose votes they curry, so said voters can see that once they get real power - meaning, once they get a real (white) President in the Oval Office - they can and will repeal this law.

And everyone will be happy.

Well, they will. What about those people who don't have medical insurance or are too poor to afford any (since slicing and dicing up Medicaid is on their agenda as well)?

Two words. Tough shit.

Anyone who doesn't think the present-day Republican Party is all about helping the ones who have (like their friend David Koch) and pissing on the ones who don't, needs to think again. What's totally incongruous to me is people whose lives were changed for the better by Democratic policies now hone the backbone of a Republican Party which is mean in make-up, mean in nature and just plain mean all around. I'm talking about people like Paul Ryan, whose late father's Social Security payments ensured young Paul a college education, or John Boehner, born and bred a Democrat, who was amongst the first of a generation to benefit from Lyndon Johnson's Great Society's higher education policies.

I guess they don't want anyone else to benefit from what they had, because then those poor people might have acquired enough knowledge to see them for the scam-artists and scoundrels that they really are - and that's pretty damned mean too.

When I was a child, my uneducated, Roosevelt-Democrat of a father used to tell me that he could always tell a Republican on sight, because they looked mean. He wasn't wrong.

The fact that the Republicans start obfuscating (their favourite pastime) when asked, point-blank and rarely by our ineffectual media, how they would ensure that the 30 million people covered by the ACA would be helped once they repealed the thing, tells you that they don't really have a plan at all to replace what really should be an incipient and long overdue health system in America.

But, the truth is, the Republicans do have a plan. It was articulated as early as last September in the GOP primary debates, when a Republican audience answered Ron Paul's question for him, about what should be done when uninsured sick people show up for treatment at a hospital emergency room.

Remember what they said? Here's a reminder:-

The Republican healthcare plan summed up in three words: Let. Them. Die.

I told y'all they were mean people.

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