Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Definition of a Hyopcrite

I'm not a major fan of Charles P Pierce. Although we might reside on the same side of the political spectrum, he's too Yankee for my ken - the sort of Yankee who assumes that all Southerners were born stupid and toothless and remained thus for the rest of their lives.

However, Pierce has been on fire lately, especially in his latest piece where he justifiably pisses on The New York Times for misrepresenting Mitt's homeboy Paul Ryan as a self-made man of the people, when he's anything but.

You can read the all-too-sympathetic Times piece here, just make sure you keep the sick bucket close at hand.

However with his last sentence, Pierce absolutely nails the ultimate hypocrisy in Ryan's automatic for the people - that Ryan's been on one government payroll or another all of his adult working life, which means he's all right for medical insurance and a good government pension, whilst tolling and trolling around the country lecturing to people who should know better, but who only believe what Ryan's preaching because the speaker has a white face. Ryan's message? That anyone on any sort of government assistance is "mired in a 'culture of dependancy.'"

Methinks the man doth project too much ... albeit unwittingly.

As Pierce concludes:-

If it weren't for FDR and LBJ, and for the munificence of the American taxpayer, Paul Ryan would still be in Janesville, looking for a job.

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  1. Ryan is not only a liar and hypocrite about the fact that all of his jobs have been in government, and that he's not some poor kid who grew up in Janesville, WI. He's also a hypocrite about the stimulus. TPM has a post that describes how Ryan bashed the stimulus in public but was busy behind the scenes writing letters to Energy Secretary Chu and other Obama administration officials requesting money for projects in his district and claiming that the stimulus funds he wanted would create X number of jobs. I have a serious problem with lying and liars, Emilia. I guess it's the way my parents reared me. I would have gotten my butt blistered with a switch if I lied to my parents. I view liars as weak people who have to cheat to win. I think that as more people catch on to Romney and Ryan's habitual lying, it will turn them off. I don't see the justification for voting someone into the WH who has already proven himself to be an expert liar, but many republicans are ready to vote for Romney. What they are failing to see, imo, is that a Romney presidency would be another GWB presidency, with the same disastrous results. Republicans know GWB was a failure, and it is why they are now fully engaged in pretending that he wasn't PBO's predecessor. If GWB was as great a president as they claim, he should be out stomping for Romney and Ryan. Chris Matthews asked Joe Scarborough why GWB wasn't attending the GOP Convention, and it seemed as if it was an insult to Scarborough for Matthews to ask the question. They're embarrassed about having voted to put GWB in the WH twice, and they should be because he left a huge mess and walked away from it.