Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking America Back

As the GOP seems to bask in nostalgia for the times when white was right in so many ways, when women were seen rarely and never heard, when they had no voice about their own bodies and were often discriminated against in education and work, when minorities were totally persecuted and condemned and when various demographics were restricted and/or proscribed from the voting process, here's the latest Democratic political message in the style of that period the GOP holds most dear ...

One question ... what's the significance of the cricket match? That's British.

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  1. Manassas, VA retiree and voter Mrs. Bobby Lucier (sp?): "I don't like him [Obama]. Can't stand to look at him. I don't like his wife, she's far from the First Lady. It's about time we get a First Lady in there that acts like a First Lady and looks like a First Lady."

    From NPR interview at an American Legion convention.

    Gee, I wonder what a First Lady looks like to her?