Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino Moment

I've always heard a cowpoke always knew when it was time to leave a poker game.

Fold'em and go, Clint. You spewed bile tonight and came out of the closet of white sheets. Please don't hide behind patriotism. This was where art meets reality. This was your Gran Torino moment.

And, Clint, before you condemn the President for failing to close Gitmo, learn a little bit about how government works. Maybe your new BFF, Paul Ryan, can tell you how he and his cohorts in Congress effectively ensured that Gitmo couldn't be closed because they voted against funding for its closure?

Finally, Clint, I appreciate your sentiments against attorneys becoming President, but were you aware of the fact that Mitt Romney has a Harvard law degree?

I thought his faux comedy remarks were the height of disrespectful. If anything, he showed a new subtlety in the art of dog whistling ...

Gran Torino. He's just someone's crotchety old grandad who doesn't really like to see uppity Negroes in positions of power and authority.

Goodnight, Clint. From hero to zero in a dozen minutes.

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