Saturday, August 18, 2012

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First observation: Bill is irresponsible in his monologue, likening the President's $700 billion cuts in Medicare to those proposed by Paul Ryan. If Bill wanted to be responsble, he should have pointe out that the President's cuts are not from Medicare services, but from unnecessary administrative practices. Ryan just wants to cut the program, period.

An equal opportunity annoyance panel tonight. Annoying common senseless person with one brain-cell from the Left: Alex Wagner. Annoying common senseless person with one  brain-cell and a big mouth from the Right: Reihan Salam. Poor Mark Cuban.

Reihan Salam is SO annoying. He refuses to shut up. The last time he was on the show, Al Sharpton got him to STFU by reminding him that under a Republican regime, Salam would be sitting in the back of the bus with Sharpton. Salam is a talking-point putz.

I don't think it's me, but when dipshit Alex Wagner starts making sense, then it's proof positive what an annoying, monopolising little twerp Reihan Salam is. Jesus Christ. He's even annoying Mark Cuban.

Please ... somebody smack the shit out of Reihan Salam.

Surprisingly, I like Chelsea Handler. She bloody gets it. Assholes with egos give money to the President to seem cool and be in with the in crowd. Give money because you want the President to work for you and be thankful to him when he does.

Absolutely brilliant editorial about voter suppression - but is all this chutzpah too little too late?


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