Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Bill Maher Shows That, Yes, He Actually Does Understand Something about the First Amendment ...

Well, more than Glenn Greenwald, lovingly also known as "Gigi". At the eleven-minute mark, amidst a heated discussion about the legality of taking out Anwar Al-Awlaki, the American citizen, based in Yemen, who was, effectively, doing a Tokyo Rose number against the United States with Al Qaeda.

Maher and Andrew Sullivan see nothing wrong with Al-Awlaki's assassination and aren't bothered that he didn't get read his rights or served due process. He is, in short, a traitor; and, as Maher says, when you move to Yemen, hang out with Al Qaeda and make threats against your home country, isn't it time you stopped being an American citizen? Because, really, you can't have it both ways?

When Gigi objects, reminding Bill that five minutes before, Maher was expostulating that anyone should have the absolute right to say anything in a nation of free speech (citing the First Amendment), Maher, rightly, responds that Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment legality stops when an individual uses that First Amendment right to threaten the life and well-being of another ... or to incite riots of violence.

And on that point, Bill Maher is right, and Gigi is wrong. Watch:-

So Bill does understand that with Freedom of Speech comes a big modicum of responsibility? He just has a blind spot when it comes to him and Rush saying foul, sexist and misogynistic things about women.

Meantime, here's something for Gigi to enjoy ...

By the way, note at the end of the Real Time clip, that Bill now considers Gray Davis to have been a real governor, when there was a time where Maher actively supported Whoreanna Fuckington Newt's succour muse Arianna Huffington in her attempt to displace him and subsequently, the Terminator, himself.

Sorry, Bill, there are those of us who still retain active memories of your obvious transgressions.

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