Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr No Apologies - AKA Real Time March 23rd

Pot calling kettle black. Bill Maher calls murderer Zimmermann a racist, thinks viewers will forget his own racism.

Two racists - Greenwald and Bill Maher - and Andrew Sullivan discuss hate crimes and decide that there aren't any.

Bloody shitty panel. Sorry, but I can't take Maher as anything other than a hypocrite and a fraud, considering his attitude toward poor people and his admiration for Goldwater and Reagan.

Bill wants no apologies, so his followers should then stop making excuses for his hypocrisy, his polarising invective, his racism and his misogyny. As for the Boehner joke, I see more than a bit of projection here. Maybe Bill should tell us where the priest touched him. Own it.


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