Friday, March 2, 2012


Joan Walsh calls me a misogynist. I am anything but ... So I'd like to introduce her to a real misogynist. Of course, she knows who he is, and we all know that he's the de facto head of the Republican Party, the man to whom every wayward Republican politico must apologise for any perceived slight.

I want Joan to feast on an orgy (pun intended) of deliberate, perfidious and nefarious "woman hatred" - most specifically, "modern woman hatred."

Rush Limbaugh speaks for the millions of ageing, white Republican men (and not a few women) who think women should be ignorant, compliant, complacent, submissive to the will of their superiors (read: men) and eternally pregnant. They should be proud and happy to deliver unto the world a legion of home-schooled, undereducated, barely literate drone workers who'll work endless hours for slave wages, and, thus, prove to the voting public, that the Republicans can bring jobs back to America - and sweatshops, slavery and backroom abortions too.

I can't say anymore, except to say that the following is amongst some of the vilest vitriol I've every heard in my life; and I think it should be played again and again so every woman sitting on the fence in this election year might comtemplate what the Republican party has in store for her at the hands of their chief cheerleader, Rush Limbaugh. And if any Republican woman stands with Rush after hearing this diatribe, there's a special place in hell for her too.

A misogynist defines misogynism:-

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