Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is Bill Maher a Closet Republican? Are You Being Ratfucked?

Bill Maher calls himself a Progressive and likes to think of himself as a man of the Left. He is iconic, to the point that those people who are avid fans, follow his every word. Like the KObots, any word against Bill is blasphemy.

But is Bill Maher who he really says he is?

For example, Bill is a strong advocate of the death penalty. How many true Progressives do you know who are? Here he is on one of the later episodes of "Politically Incorrect," discussing just this. Fans of Bill will be surprised to see him in total agreement - yes! - with a conservative woman who is a Texas legislator:-

He's voted for Bob Dole and Ralph Nader. In fact, he trolled the US in 2000, urging people to vote for Nader, because - you know - Bush and Gore were two peas in a pod. And guess what? Enough of his sheeple did just that, that we got George Bush for 8 years. So whilst we all suffered, Bill made hay skewering Bush, but only when it was safe to do so.

Here's how he's described his selling points to conservatives:-

'Bill Maher is a great guy. He doesn't like unions. He's for the death penalty. He's for a strong military.'"

Sound like a Progressive to you?

Here's Bill trying to straddle the fence, when he was pissed off during the writers' strike:-

Throws a small crumb from the table to convince the limousine liberals in his audience that the unions are good guys and then paints a picture of them as thugs.

Oooh ... sound curiously familiar? Kinda sorta like Fox News?

Now take a look at next two clips.

Now,when you combine all of the above with the fact that he yearns for Obama to be more like Bush,to have that Bush swaggerm when you remember that if he's not referring to the President as "Barry," then he's most likely calling him a "pussy," then it's safe to say that Bill is just a hop, skip and a jump from the Republican gene pool.

I shouldn't be at all surprised if he has a massive man crush on Rick Perry.


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  2. yeah... i've next to no respect for bill maher... he seem's to be a bad representative of the centrist movement (the one that believes we should truly stay out of the personal business of others)....he portends to understand the plight of "minorities", an ill defined term once you realize we all are in at least some way, and then goes pro death penalty which "seems" for all empirical data to lean it's favorite "swing" on "minorities".it seems like a conundrum only until you realize that the media powers only give voice to those that divide, and not the men(generic for human) who would unify unilaterally... surely some man can come before us and call upon us all to rise and be better men and we shall... but we shouldn't hold our breath...