Saturday, January 22, 2011

KO: The Sacrifical Mutton

Oh, the angst. Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC. Well, he left "by mutual consent," which is a euphemism for getting the sack. And people expostulate. That's right. The Left mourn the loss of one of their own, their voice, their conscience.

Spare me.

A multi-millionaire Leftwing television presenter who couldn't abide sharing the same broadcast with anyone of a differing opinion, a narcissist who had issues with women in general, an effete who represented everything pejoratively elitist about the Democratic party which turned OFF the demographic whom they originally represented and disenfranchised them to such a point that they became ripe fruit for the picking by the avaricious and deceptive GOP, has left the building.

I am at a loss at the attitudes of people who should know better, demanding boycotts of the network and petitions for reinstatement and apportioning blame on that omnipresent entity, the sinister "corporation."

To quote a well-known Rightwing sage (and that's an oxymoron), I say to you this:

Man up! You've lost nothing, and Olbermann's left with his pockets laden down from whatever $30 million weighs. He'll serve out whatever time proscribed by his severance contract, in tweeting and twittering away; and at the end of his corporately-imposed exile, he'll most likely get snapped up by Roger Ailes and decamp to take up residence as Fox's voice from the other side, their first liberal infotainer since the retirement of Alan Colmes, snugly wedged between his old nemeses, Beck and Bill-O, and maneuvering his way around Fox to present Countdown.

That move makes sense. It shows Fox as really "fair and balanced," and it garners the network a whole new tranche of liberal/moderate/Progressive viewers, including the usual haters from the Right who watched and agonised over Olbermann's antics on MSNBC as much as the usual suspects from the Left do the same with Beck on Fox. A gig like that will also most likely pay KO a sizeable amount more than MSNBC would, so everyone would be happy.

Olbermann could carry on speaking his version of truth to power to the Right as well as continuing his argumentum ad hominem attacks, from time to time, on the President. That's a small price for Fox to pay, enduring criticism from a Leftwing commentator, who - every time the only adult in the room does something the fraternity of eternal children cannot abide and refuse to understand - engages in the worst kind of rhetoric against someone from his own side of the political equation.

Keith would be ratfucking with Rove and not even be aware that he's doing it, laughing all the way to the bank - or to Yankees' games in the company of Sean Hannity.

In the meantime, until the martyr serves his sentence, it might be mete for the hoi polloi who hung on his every word to try to engage their minds with Lawrence O'Donnell, who's not averse to presenting (and subsequently skewering) a divergent viewpoint and whose program encourages viewers to re-acquaint themselves with the lost art of the Left: the ability to think critically.

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