Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Judged by the Company One Keeps, Dahlink

There's an old Spanish proverb, which states, roughly translated, "Tell me whom you pal around with, and I'll tell you who you are."

Now, that really means that a person is judged by the company they keep. Back in 2008, a certain very egotistical and narcissistic Vice-Presidential candidate asked the public to believe that a certain Presidential candidate was unworthy of attaining the Oval Office, because he "palled around with terrorists."

So, what are we to believe when presented proudly with a picture, posted on her Facebook page, of none other than that sage, strident and omnipresent Progressive pundit-cum-voice of the beleagured Middle Class, Arianna Huffington, nestled cosily in the crook of an arm belonging to Darrell Issa, whilst out on a night of partying in Las Vegas on the night of the day which saw Rep Gabrielle Giffords shot?

Here's the link to the picture, itself:-

Notice Issa's easy, proprietorial body language. Here's a man with his property, or at least someone who buys what he's selling, and I'm not talking about car alarms.

For anyone seeing the logic of the President writing an op-ed in the WSJ, basically in response to Issa's open-handed invitation to tell the fat cats what they want undone, then Huffington's totally and deliberately misrepresented take on this as seen on the Olbermann show last night, suddenly makes method of her madness.

It's as important to remember that Mrs Huffington, who during her 1990's enchantment with one Newt Gingrich (an enchantment which is still lasting to this day, considering the intimate little photo she displayed from her summer holiday in Amalfi, which just happened to include "bumping into" Newt), led the internet clarion call to impeach Bill Clinton as it is important to remember that the man in whose arm she's nestling holds the power to subpoena, investigate and impeach that man whom he's gone on record as having "the most corrupt Administration in history."

We all know that the accusation that President Obama "palled around with terrorists" was blatantly false, unless Bill Ayers was Obama's babysitter in Indonesia or Hawaii; but every picture tells a story, and this particular one says Arianna Huffington is palling around with a sinister-looking, high-ranking Republican with a dubious criminal history, who holds the power of impeachment in his greasy, corporately corrupt hands.

Fine with me if Arianna wants to indulge in a little bit of Rovian ratfuckery. I never bought her Damascene conversion anyway. So she's ratfucking her Progressive following, but what's she doing with the King Rat?

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