Thursday, February 14, 2013

Skinning the Cat

So Congress is blocking Chuck Hagel's appointment as Secretary of Defence. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Did we expect anything more? Well, we would have got pretty much the same treatment if Susan Rice had been nominated as Secretary of State, and then maybe Fanboi McCain and Fanboi Graham would have pretty much left Chuck Hagel alone; but John Kerry was appointed, they shut up and this is their latest venture at a game of subtlety called "putting the (black) President firmly in his place." ("Black" is optional, but you get the message).

I'm glad Michael Smerconish was prescient enough to bring the Constitution into the frame of things when discussing this filibuster with Tamron Hall. This does indeed go against everything about advise and consent as contained in the Constitution. And it has little to do with payback for Chuck Hagel not backing Bush's surge - it's all about a Republican willing to serve in a Democratic Administration, a Republican like Chuck Hagel who really was what John McCain tried to make himself out to be and failed - a maverick.

Since Bob Gates was a carryover from the Bush era in Obama's first Cabinet, and Ray LaHood wasn't high-profiled enough.

This is just another means of obstruction, a petty-minded pout at being routed by the electorate in November. It's just, as we say where I come from, another way of skinning the cat.

The never learn, but we should take heed of their actions and show them a thing or two next election-time.

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