Monday, August 29, 2011

A Word to the Whiners.

If you can get beyond her atrociously and openly racist first sentence, you need to listen to the rest of her diatribe.

This woman is running for President of the United States. She may get the Republican nomination. There are actually people who call themselves Progressives(I call them Firebaggers), who are actually thinking about voting for this woman, should she be nominated, as a sick sort of revenge against Barack Obama, for not waving his magic wand and making everything hunky-dory and moreso in less than 4 years.

These people reckon that, because the GOP seemed to have revitalised themselves in less than a four-year Administrative span, so, too, will the Progressive movement rise like a Phoenix from the embers of what was once Barack Obama.

It don't work that way, sunshine.

Vote Bachmann or Perry or even Mitt Romney, and not only do you consign yourself and the country to at the very least a quarter century of Republican rule, you hand the whole kit-and-caboodle over to the Dominionist Praetorian guards who are fronts for the Koch brothers.

A Bachmann or a Perry will engender a Christie, who'll engender a Rand Paul, who'll engender a Marco Rubio, with the Overton window snapping shut and the Democratic Party dead in the water.



A world without end of Republican domination. Amen.

You need to think about all this "criticism," which amounts to criticism of just about everything this President does or doesn't do, and ask yourself why, exactly, you do it? And be realistic, because his failure to give you a unicorn with wings doesn't even come close to explaining it.

You need to look at all your so-called Leftwing media icons and ask yourself if they're really who and what they say they are. Just look at the number of Damascene conversions from the Republican dark side, who've relatively recently emerged as "Progressives." Yes, I'm looking at Ed "Don't Vote" Schultz, Cenk "The President is a moron" Uygur, and Her Serene Highness Queen Ratfucker Omnipotent of Medialand, herself, Arianna Huffington.

I'm talking about all those pundits who hide behind the comedian's mask and call themselves Progressive, whilst bigging up Ron Paul's credentials. It's easy to surmise that those sheeple who think Daddy Paul is Daddy Cool for wanting to legalise pot and bring the troops home, certainly aren't aware of Paul's racist and white supremacist connections, nor of the fact that Stormfront - the REAL Nazis - endorse him. But you can bet your bottom dollar, Bill "Islamophobe-I'm-for-the-death-penalty-and-racial-profiling" Maher is.

So go ahead and keep the divisive criticism up. Cry about your Maypo when someone tells you off about it. And, please, by all means, vote for Michelle Bachmann. You might wake up one morning in 2013 and find that Social Security and Medicare have been put on the table, served up and eaten, only to be washed down with Koch.

But you'll only probably blame Obama.

One final thought: the single tie that binds the Teabagging Right to the Firebagging Left is racism. If you don't think so, just start calling yourselves "Cleopatra."

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