Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time to Stand Up to Undermining Political Pundits

I see King of the Craven Assholes, Cenk Uygar – he who, until recently, used to be a neocon – is leading the charge on DailyKos in the “Obama Caved” stakes regarding the budget.
The punditry of the Left has left me agog this week, but as it’s late where I am, I’m saving some brief ire tonight to fire firmly in the direction of Cenk’s more than ample ass.
His idiocy about Obama failing in the budget negotiations knows no bounds, and – as per usual – he has his sheeple following blindly, all polishing up their gratuitous criticism, which is de rigueur for anyone wanting admission to the Obama-Haters-and-Baiters Club, currently occupied by a curious conglomeration of Teabaggers and a certain species of so-called Progressives.
Yes, let’s blame Obama, shall we? Because we all know he could have done so much better at standing up to the Speaker of the House. I mean, look at everytime either of them appeared before the camera – the President, cool, collected and looking a bit weary and irritable in the way a perturbed parent does when presented with a spoiled brat to control. Then there was Mr Speaker, sweating and all aglow in orange preoccupation.
Of course, Cenk, we all know that the President should have just told Boehner and co to kiss his black ass (thus satisfying the desire of your ilk for the President to act in the ghetto manner you so knowing ascribe to your idea of his race’s behaviour) and walked from the room. The government would have shut down. People wouldn’t have received their Social Security checks or their disability or unemployment payments, Federal workers wouldn’t have been paid (many were even told there would be no back pay this time), the troops in harm’s way would be expected to fight for free.
And who knows how long this would have gone on … but hey! Ne’mind, we’d just have blamed Obama for that too. What was the alternative? Give in and defund the EPA and Planned Parenthood, for lesser cuts? At least the President held strong from the beginning in vouchsafing these two federally funded institutions, prime targets in the culture war initiated by the Republicans. Or doesn’t that matter to Cenk and his cronies? I’m beginning to wonder, especially since at least two high-profiled Progressive media bots have even likened rape to “hooey.”
Every week, there’s something new which some 24/7 cable big mouth has to use as a stick with which to beat this President about something else. As if they know better than the man at the helm. Cenk’s got room to talk. He so totally didn’t understand the President’s motives behind his dealings with the Egyptian revolution that Chuck Todd was despatched to his program to calm him down and stop him from embarrassing himself, in desperately trying to convince two guests that Obama meant the opposite to what he’d actually said in a speech.
Really, Cenk, do yourself a favour and go someplace else. Your Obama hatred is so palpable that people are seriously in danger of mistaking it for the wrong kind of prejudice.
And if you’re seeking to case blame and aspersion for this budget fiasco, cop this:-
Try blaming the Democrats first, because this is the 2011 budget which should have been passed last September, as you well know, when there was both a Democratic majority in the House and a bigger one in the Senate. But the fools on the Hill were all too concerned with hitting the campaign trail and trying to distance themselves from the policies they’d passed and on which they’d allowed, in their timidity and detachment, to be railroaded and spun pejoratively by the Teabaggers, that they seriously didn’t have time to pass this budget and punted.
And if that’s not enough for you, try blaming the voters; because it’s they who gave us a Houseful of Teabagging neophytes who’ve turned themselves into the proverbial tail that’s wagging a sniveling dog and a majority of only four Democratic Senators in the upper house, one of whom is Joe Manchin.
And better yet, Cenk, blame all your so-called Progressive friends, you know, the ones who listen to your rantings and whine daily about how much they hate Obama, how he’s done nothing and achieved even less, or – worse – how he’s no different to Bush. And how they took the advice of your friend and colleague Ed Schultz, who, on several occasions, implored the sheeple not to vote in order to teach Obama and the Democrats a lesson.
Yes, Cenk, you and all your cohorts should be made to remember those simple facts whenever you see Eric Cantor’s smirking face on camera.
Or then again, maybe you’re just a ratfucker who needs exposing, himself.

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