Friday, January 29, 2010

First Sedition

I have a suggestion for President Obama. Times are hard. We’re winding down one war and ratcheting up another. Terrorist cells may be closeted on the domestic front as well. Everyone knows that corporations and insurance companies are that unsayable word in the woodpile and need extermination forthwith.

Let’s back up on that one … corporations. Just exactly which of all the dire and disastrous corporations whose tentacles are inching ever more rapidly along the hallowed halls and portals of Congress and our democracy is the worst?

Short answer? The media. The media is the biggest collective whorehouse corporation of them all, because not only does the media control the government, it also controls us. It forms our opinions and cleverly seduces us into thinking we believe something that we really know is a crock of it, but we believe it because … because it’s the fashion, innit (as they say in Britain)?

I mean, everyone else believes it, so we should too … or do they? And should we?
Around this time last year, Rush Limbaugh was asked by a media group to record his one wish for our then-new President Obama. Rush used his daily broadcast as a platform to utter the infamous line, ‘I hope he fails.’

That’s become the singular wish for this Presidency, and – like a cancer – it’s spread to encompass the Progressive base as well. David Sirota snarks about this man all the time. Mayhill Fowler, a parvenu elevated to the pseudo-sophisticated title of ‘editor’ based on the publication of an off-the-record remark spews hate-filled and poorly written rhetoric.

Naomi Klein is another shill. Ed Schultz and Cenk Uygur weigh in all the time – Schultz even bragging in public how he schooled Robert Gibbs, the Press Secretary, telling him he was ‘full of shit.’ Nice one, Ed. Classy. Keith Olbermann regularly bashes the President. Dylan Ratigan shouts down anyone even giving marginal support.

Bill Maher refers to Obama as ‘Barry’ and is making a staple part of his latest stand-up tour an eternal wail about Obama being worse than Cheney.

Who ARE these people?

Have we regressed to the point that, like spoiled adolescents who haven’t received instant gratification, we follow the fashionable lead of people who work for a corporation, who’s sole ethos is ego- and ratings-driven?

The most laughable of all is the Queen Mother, herself, Arianna Huffington – former ueber Rightwing neocon and anti-immigration supporter (rich, that one), Damascenely and serenely converted to the Progressive cause … for a quick buck and a flash on the screen. She’s the self-appointed voice of the suffering middle-class. Isn’t that kinda like Hitler making himself a spokesman for Israel?

A few months back, prior to the President making a decision on Afghanistan, Huffington jumped the gun and demanded that Joe Biden resign to lead a grassroots revolt against Obama’s policies and wrest the White House from him in 2012.

She’s at it again, with one of her bloggers:-

Our second President, John Adams, suffered a great deal at the hands of an irresponsible press, goaded from behind by no less than his own Vice-President, Thomas Jefferson. (OK, Jefferson was one of my heroes and the founder of my alma mater, but that doesn’t mean he was above a bit of political skullduggery, himself – he WAS a politician, after all.

In response to all these shenanigans, Adams passed The Alien and Sedition Act, which, effectively, amounted to a curtailment of that most precious of amendments, the First one. Freedom of Speech.

So shamed was he at having to do so, Adams never enforced this act and, to this day, it hasn’t been enforced.

What Huffington is doing and what she’s promoting, more and more, on that site and beyond, is pure sedition – openly undermining the workings of a Presidential Administration with a view to bringing it down and causing chaos.
It’s still a federal offense.

I say, it’s time for a test case.

It’s a fantasy, but I’d pay money I didn’t have to see her served with a sentence, stripped of her naturalised citizenship and her feta cheesed ass thrown on a non-stop flight back to Athens, with her papers stamped: Seditionist/Deported.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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